Our mission is to bring enterprise-level security to small and medium-sized businesses. For Olytel, this means that everything we do revolves around the simplicity of implementation, management and overall use. Functions like Rapid Deploy, Drag and DropN for VPN and Dimension make our solution the most accessible for companies of all sizes, without requiring any compromise in terms of security
Our unique approach to network security focuses on providing corporate security at the corporate level, from the size or level of technical specialization. Ideal for small and medium businesses and distributed businesses, our award-winning application management appliances (UTMs) are designed from the basics of work.
In security Network security is a fundamental issue in which there are more computers interconnected with each other in a network of terminals: many, in fact, offer various vulnerabilities that can be exploited, more or less easily, by third parties to interfere with the system and intercept data.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union has significant implications for company organization and a review of related processes. It will be received on 25 May 2018, starting a new era for data security.
The legislation will force companies to rethink their policies regarding access management and privileged accounts, otherwise they will have to pay huge penalties for those who do not comply.
The regulation "General Data Protection Regualation" (GDPR) concerns all companies that collect, store and / or process personal information and that:
- Offer goods or services to EU citizens resident in the EU
- Monitor the behavior of EU citizens residing in the EU.

Compliance with the GDPR requires a lot of effort for almost all companies and almost certainly requires the addition of the items listed below.

* Data protection measures using the most innovative and effective network security technologies able to:
- protect data during storage and transmission
- ensure situational awareness of risks
- allow preventive, corrective and mitigating actions in real time against vulnerabilities or accidents that may represent a danger to the data
- provide assessment tools for the effectiveness of security policies

* Data recovery mechanism to restore access when an incident affects its availability

New or improved procedures and reporting frameworks to track consents, breach notifications and compliance.

“The GDPR is an opportunity for companies to consider respecting data privacy in a more strategic and holistic way, as it becomes the key to the data strategy and the digital transformation of their business”.