There are several software for creating virtual machines for X86 systems. Currently the company VMWare sells different types of products that meet different needs in terms of virtualization of operating systems.

The consumer products such as VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion, respectively developed for the Microsoft / Linux and Apple OSX world, are mainly used to implement small virtual environments in order to use and / or test different operating environments while maintaining the host operating system which hosts the environments.

Enterprise products such as VMware vSphere (coming in version 6.0) and VMware vCloud Director have been engineered to create true server farms made up of several VMware ESXi hosts, the VMware Inc operating system that acts as a Bare Metal installable hypervisor on servers physicists. In particular, the WMware vCloud Director suite extends the capabilities of VMware vSphere making it a solution for managing Virtual Datacenter with Multi Tenant logics.

This band of products has in fact laid the foundations for the creation of Virtual Datacenter born for the provision of Public Cloud service with particular reference to IaaS offers.

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