Olytel offers multiple telephony and communication services at competitive costs and content, suitable for different types of users and geographical locations.
Functionality as Presence and the immediate realization of Conferences improve employee productivity, making contents and documents available, allowing them to quickly access information and request advice.

Unified communications will become your natural and comfortable way of being involved, responding and sharing, applying them to the devices used daily.

For small businesses
Avaya one-X Mobile extends the same features as the company switchboard that you use on your desk phones, on your mobile phones and tablets.
Being able to use the corporate networks and Wi-Fi as an alternative to the cellular network in order to manage the communication functions helps obtain business savings.

For large companies
With Avaya Equinox ™ Experience, communication becomes simple, transparent, contextual and user-defined.
Avaya Equinox is intuitive and priority, able to understand action-oriented workflows and meet user needs. All communications are in one place, so you can quickly view meetings, messages and communication history. Act immediately with a touch. Voice and video are reliable and protected on any device, anywhere. Telephone features include reachability on a single number. Multiple devices for a single telephone number.

Unified Communications for each user
Give your employees the tools to be always reachable and productive while traveling. With Avaya's open platform, even your device becomes secure (BYOD).

Economic saving
Reduce expenses related to mobile telephony by routing calls through the company network. VoIP over Wi-Fi reduces conversational costs (BYOD).

Traceability of calls
The possibility to have the details of incoming and outgoing calls, failed calls and voice messages.

Use Wi-Fi or mobile networks
Avaya one-X allows you to call via Wi-Fi when available-and uses the cellular network when Wi-Fi is out of reach, alternately automatically.

BYOD support
Being able to use the personal devices of your team, protecting company data and employee privacy. Avaya one-X ® Mobile is available for iOS, Android.