A company that today decides to activate an ADSL, HDSL or SHDSL connection is faced with an infinite choice of offers and suppliers. Why choose our xDSL offer? The reliability we have demonstrated since 1995 in the supply of system integrator services is extended to all the services and products offered by Olytel to its customers.

Guaranteed minimum bandwidth
All our xDSL (ADSL, HDSL, SHDSL) contracts clearly report the peak maximum speed (PCR) and the minimum speed below which the connection will not work (Minimum Bandwidth Guaranteed).
The use of xDSL connections with minimum bandwidth is always guaranteed and is particularly strategic for all Professional Users and for the transmission of widespread technological solutions such as VOIP, VPN, etc.

Portability directed to other operators
We are able to manage the direct portability of xDSL lines (ADSL, HDSL and SHDSL) from Telecom Italia (Alice, Interbusiness, Smart, Tin.it, Virgilio, etc), BT (Albacom), Wind, COLT, MC-Link, Fastweb, Tele 2, Tiscali, Aruba and other Operators.

- Reliable service assistance, managed directly by our qualified technical staff
- All our xDSL contracts clearly report the minimum speed below which the connection can not work (guaranteed minimum band)
- Activation of ADSL without a Telecom Italia telephone line ("muted" or "naked" ADSL)
- Direct portability of xDSL lines from the main Operators
- Direct portability of HDSL lines to Telecom Italia traffic

ADSL without Telecom line
We can activate an ADSL connection even when the customer does not have a Telecom Italia telephone line ("mute" or "naked" ADSL). In this case, in addition to the normal cost of the ADSL connection, the customer will pay a commission for line data only and an activation cost.
For activation it is sufficient to indicate a telephone number (pilot number) of a user present in the same building or adjacent to the place where the service is to be activated.