Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual (software-based) and non-physical representation of something. You can virtualize applications, servers, storage and networks and is the most complete and effective way to reduce IT expenses while increasing efficiency and agility for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of virtualization
Virtualization increases IT agility, flexibility and scalability, as well as significantly reducing costs. IT is easier to manage and requires less capital and operational expenses thanks to faster deployment of workloads, improved performance and availability, and automation of operations.

The further advantages are summarized as follows:
- Reduced capital and operating costs.
- Downtime reduced to a minimum or eliminated.
- Improvement in productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness of IT.
- Faster provisioning of applications and resources.
- Enabling Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
- Simplification of data center management.
- Creation of a real Software-Defined Data Center.

Main properties of virtual machines
Virtual machines have the following characteristics, which offer numerous advantages.

- Partitioning
Running multiple operating systems on a physical machine
Subdivision of system resources between virtual machines

- Isolation
Isolation of failures and security problems at the hardware level
Performance protection thanks to advanced resource controls

- Encapsulation
Saving to file of the entire state of a virtual machine
Moving and copying virtual machines very easily, similar to files

- Independence from hardware
Provisioning or migrating virtual machines to any physical server

Consolidation of servers
Through server virtualization, a company can optimize the use of server resources and reduce the number of servers required. The result is server consolidation, which improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Virtualization and cloud computing
Cloud computing is not synonymous with virtualization, but rather a possible outcome of the latter. Cloud computing is the distribution of shared processing resources (software and / or data) on demand via the Internet. Regardless of whether or not a cloud environment is available, you can start by virtualizing your servers and moving on to cloud computing to achieve greater levels of agility and self-service.

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