It is the best solution for business connectivity.
Quality and stability of the band at the highest levels to grow your business.
Some solutions:
- W-CONNECT Company 10/2
- W-CONNECT Company 12/4
- W-CONNECT Company 14/6
- W-CONNECT Company 16/8

It is a proprietary technology, which represents the state of the art technology for ultra-broadband fixed access radio networks.

Symmetrical fiber optic Internet connections:
- 10/10 Mega, MCR 100%
- 20/20 Mega, MCR 100%
- 30/30 Mega, MCR 100%
- 100/100 Mega, MCR 100%

The services are delivered to our customers using technical and commercial agreements with the main network operators, including: Telecom Italia, Wind and Fastweb.