Experience in the provision of telephony services and the specialized technology on which our VOIP service is based allow the replacement of traditional telephone lines, guaranteeing the same reliability and quality.

For which lines is Number Portability available for VOIP telephony?

Number Portability is guaranteed for:
- Analog Lines (POTS)
- ISDN lines main number plus additional numbers
- ISDN and PRI GNR lines (Selection Passante) 10,100,1000 numbers
- ULL and native VoIP lines of other Operators

From which operators is Number Portability possible to VOIP telephony?

We can perform Number Portability to our VOIP telephony service from all the main Operators:
- Telecom Italia (also VoIP numbering Alice Business Voice)
- BT
- Eutelia
- Fastweb
- Vodafone
- Wind

Programming Number Portability towards VOIP telephony

For all the requests of Number Portability it is possible to agree with the Customer the exact day in which to perform the Cut-Over, ie the actual transition from the old Operator to our VOIP platform, in order to minimize the possible disservices generated by this activity . For GNR (Pass Through Selection) it is also possible to define, besides the day, also the portability time.

New geographical numbers for VOIP telephony

In addition to being able to carry out the Number Portability of existing numbers, we can provide our customers, on all the prefixes of Italy, with new geographical telephone numbers:
- Single numbers, also in Automatic Search
- GNR (Passthrough Selection) 10, 100, 1000 numbers

Backup service

The continuous reachability of the user even if the Internet connection is not guaranteed by our VOIP Back-up service. This service can be activated for all types of VoIP line (single line or GNR) simply indicating to our system a number, fixed or mobile on which to divert calls that are unable to reach the VOIP number. For GNRs it is possible to indicate, for each extension, a specific number on which to redirect the calls in backup. The extensions without their own backup numbering follow the rule of the Operator Station. In addition, it is possible to choose which CLI to display for backup calls: whether that of the real caller or that of the number or extension of the GNR in backup.

Publication in the list

Both the numbers brought by another Operator and the new ones can be published in public telephone directories.